Vista East deploys KLZ's NewsRoom 45, Remote 45 and Wire Relay to share daily news !


Before launching the Vista East News Network, news systems were compared and KLZ's NewsRoom 45 was chosen as the best product for their newly acquired radio stations across northern and southern Ontario. Vista Radio wanted a robust yet simple solution that would tie together the news departments at all locations to streamline news operations.

KLZ's NewsRoom 45, NR Remote 45 and WireRelay were combined to provide a very reliable and cost effective solution for news operations across Vista Radio East locations. The result; a "Moose News" wire queue contains all news content created at any location. News content including local, provincial and national daily news all appear in a unified multi-media (text+audio) queue that can be seen and shared by all.

Fourteen Vista Radio East locations now contribute and share news content seamlessly thanks to KLZ's NewsRoom 45 and companion WireRelay system. This includes saving pre-recorded news casts directly to the automation systems for each station.

Darren Fowler ,Vista IT comments,

"From a technical point of view, KLZ has been excellent in their deployment and training. I have been able to take a hands off approach and let them do the driving when it came time to install, configure and train our staff."

 Thank you and welcome !