NewsRoom 50™

NewsRoom 50

New Themes & Layouts

Choose from various Windows themes and multiple built-in layouts. Create and save your own custom layouts for different editing or on-air tasks.

Global Archive Search

Search the new global archive with lightning quick results.

Secure SSL

SSL encryption guarantees you safe and secure connections.

The New NR50 Client

New Client

Designed on (and for) Modern Hardware and Higher Screen Resolutions: Native Windows (X86, X64).
Easier & Faster with a brand new News Panel and Searchable Archive. New layouts and themes, with Multi-Byte Character Support (Ansi, Unicode, UTF8 conversions).  

The New NR50 Server

New Server
  • Enhanced Server Management
  • Enhanced Uptime Maintenance
  • Server Manager (New Program)
  • RSS Capture Service (New Program)
  • Mail Capture Service (New Program)
  • Searchable Logs