KLZ VideoLogger

"Fire it and Forget It" Simplicity

Running the logger is very simple, one button to start logging, another to stop.

Stopping it only requires a few simple confirmations. As well, a separate log is automatically kept of all video logging interruptions.

Video Player

The player is comprised of two main “Tab” areas. The Video Player tab is used to play/review and navigate within a clip, as well as mark clip segments to be dubbed or extracted. The player is also used to play any video segments while dubbing.

The KLZ Video Logger player allows the user to view multiple clip sources at the same time. By opening a new player window and targeting a new video source, the user can watch a variety of video sources without closing the current viewing session.

Video List

The Video Clip List displays a log of the hourly recorded video segments.

Video Monitor

The Monitor program displays icons, which represent each of the sources being captured on the system :

A user defined Title window to represent the source being logged.

A Logging Status window, which displays the condition of the logging process including any error warnings.

A Duplication status window. The duplicator is the process of transferring the captured video clips to a dedicated storage server.

A Current Frame Rate (Frames per second) window displaying the amount of video frames being captured by the video encoder.

Left/Right Audio channels for tracking audio that is present.

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